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Arche Mansion

Meanwhile, at Arche’s residence, Alex put Stella’s bed into one of the rooms. His, more exactly. He almost smiled just at the simple thought that he might sleep in the same room as her. Now that Nate had his own room, Stella could be his new roommate.

“Hello, darling!” Nate said, entering the hall. He looked worn out and couldn’t walk properly. However, he did make it to the first door, which was Alex’s room. He popped his head around the half closed door and looked around. His eyes landed on the bed he knew all too well. “What’s Stella’s bed doing here?” The younger vampire didn’t say anything, yet, Nate discovered the answer rather quick in his state. “Oh.” He raised an eyebrow trying to figure what to do next when he heard the door downstairs open. He felt instantly Stella’s mood and it wasn’t one to mess with. His eyes widened. “Oh shit.” He flashed into the bathroom and closed the door hard, locking it. Alex rolled his eyes and walked downstairs, into the living room where Stella was staring at the new surroundings.

“I remember this place…” Eric nodded. Stella’s eyes traveled slowly from the biggest object in the room to the smallest detail. It was indeed a beautiful house. It was old and rusty but the furnishings were in good condition. Stella got out of her memories when she heard the front door open and close with a big bang.

“Stella! My dear Stella!” James came to the two and smiled but it vanished in a second and back on his face was a frown. “What are you doing here?” Stella raised an eyebrow at how fast he changed his mood.

“Vampires are in town and they saw Stella.” James didn’t take his eyes from hers. “She’ll be safe here.” James nodded, still staring. “Are you alright, James?” The so called man looked to his nephew and nodded.

“I just had one hell of a date.” The three vampires turned their heads when they heard Alex slowly walking down the stairs, chuckling.

“Feisty date? Must’ve been nice to suck it out, huh?” James shook his head smiling.

“She talked too much. But thankfully, I shut her up.” Stella raised an eyebrow at James’s remark.

“You killed an innocent human?” James scoffed and went to the kitchen. In this time Alex went to the couch and plopped on it, both hands behind his head. Eric walked upstairs to put everything in place. Stella remained on the same place the whole time, her eyes going from one thing to another. James came back from the kitchen, a glass of fresh blood in his hand, a fresh smirk on his face.

“She wasn’t innocent at all. She planned the entire night, thinking she will get some action.” He pouted. “She was pretty. But…” He stopped and flashed in front of Stella, an evil smirk on his lips. “Not as pretty as you are.” Stella stood there, staring at James’ brown eyes. Alex started to chuckle behind the two. He knew Stella too well and was waiting for a smartass comeback or a punch. She did none. A smirk curved her pink lips and her eyes had a mischievous glint. It just appeared out of nowhere. It was clear that the vampire girl will have a few mood swings and also her personality will continuously change.

“James, James, James.” She started to walk around him, her eyes getting James in a trance. She was good, oh so good, and she knew it all very well. Her eyes were hypnotizing everyone and they didn’t even have to look straight into them. They were transmitting some sort of magic. “You know, you’re actually a pretty hot guy…” She flashed behind him and whispered into his year. “Too bad you don’t know how to use this as a skill.” James flinched and his eyes reddened but that changed in the second she put her hand on his shoulder. He tensed up and shut his mouth. She smirked and flashed to the couch where she plopped down next to a very amused Alex.

“Ouch.” James glared at Alex, making the younger vampire laugh. However, when Nate walked downstairs it emitted a different aura than he usually did and Stella raised her head in a second and glared at her brother.

“You’ve drank.” He smiled sheepishly but didn’t comment. He didn’t have the guts to. “You should’ve known by now that drinking won’t help the thirst.” He shrugged. Stella rolled her eyes and opened the TV. When Eric also came downstairs, Stella’s phone rang.

“Stella! I missed you! We haven’t talked in ages! How are you, girl?” Stella cringed at Tracy’s voice. With what was happening, she didn’t want to get her friends involved.

“I’m fine. I’ve been busy lately. Some…” She glanced up to see three pairs of eyes staring at her. James was nowhere in sight. “…problems. What’s new?” Tracy sighed.

“You didn’t come to rehearsals and Sami is mad. She was fuming yesterday! I thought she might even send fire on her nose!”

“What do you want from me?” Tracy scoffed.

“Don't need to be so direct. Tonight’s a party at Fey’s. I thought you might want to know. We’re all going to be there, the new student inclusive. Oh and I met this- -“ Stella’s eyes stopped trailing around the room and sat on her butt.

“What new students?” Tracy sighed.

“You haven’t been to school today and don’t know, of course. There are three new students. One is a girl, she’s about 17 years old and she’s brunette, curly hair, bright green eyes. But, meh. I’m prettier.” Stella rolled her eyes. “ The other two are boys. They’re pretty hot. One has short brown hair, skinny, blue eyes. The other is a shorter than the first. He’s pretty hot too. He has brown hair and black eyes. That’s weird. But guy number two is much calmer than the first. I think their names are…Liam and Will. You should totally come to the party!” Stella’s eyes went to Eric’s. She hung up and jumped on her feet.

“Two new students, both boys, both have brown hair, one has blue eyes the other black eyes. They arrived today. This is definitely not a coincidence.” Eric nodded.

“It’s not. They might be vampires.” Alex rolled his eyes.

“They are vampires. Can’t you feel it? One of them might as well be the one who saw Stella!” The vampire female bent her head down and sighed. She didn’t know what to do, it was dangerous. Eric saw how stressed Stella got over the news.

“Calm down. Nothing bad will happen. We’ll just have to wait and see what's in store.” Alex rolled his eyes and walked closer to the two.

“Or in other words…wait until one of them has the guts to start the war and get us killed.” Eric glared at the younger male vampire. Nate scoffed and took Stella’s hand.

“Come on. I sense a fight.” The female glanced between the two glaring vampires, feeling the intensity between them. She sighed and grabbed her hand back.

“Tonight is a party at Fey’s. We should go and relax. The two will be there too. We’ll get rid of them if it needed.” Everyone nodded and Stella left.

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