luni, 7 mai 2012

Shaken Baby

Another drama that I really like is Shaken Baby. It's quite a silly drama about Hiroshi, played by Yusuke Yamamoto, whose girlfriend breaks up with him because he is way too normal. Also, the drama is kind of centred around a college theatre circle who like Shakespeare. That got me in the first place. I like Shakespeare too and it seems whatever English project I have, it has to have a link to Hamlet or MacBeth. Anyway, back to the story, Hiroshi gets recruited by his fellow classmate, Shun, who's a real good actor, to change his ways. It's quite funny to see Yamamoto play a guy who can say just from a glance what size a woman has. He's partially perverted in the drama but it is all so fun to watch that it doesn't matter. Another actor I like that is in this drama is Daito Shunsuke, who played Kyoya Ootori in High School Host Club action drama.

Anyway, the story is really cute, it's not something extraordinary but it just gets you to laugh wholeheartedly. I would recommend you all to watch it and see for yourself. However, it does have just one, ONE, episode on dramacrazy and I can't seem to find other episodes. It can't be just one...

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