miercuri, 23 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." Seungri

On his respectful name, Lee Seung Hyun, is the maknae of the well known band, Big Bang. From what I've seen, he's one of the most evil maknae, together with Kyuhyun and Changmin. However, people don't consider him that extraordinary cute or things like that. In my point of view, Seungri reminds me of a young, fussy teenage boy who whenever he doesn't gets his toys, he makes a big fuss. He talks a lot and says just what he shouldn't, he doesn't seem respectful at all and he's always doing something stupid. Over all these imperfections, he does have good parts too. I like him a lot because he's not afraid to speak, even if it's something unrelated or illogical. He says whatever he wants and he's quite courageous maknae. Besides that, we have to recognize he's a talented artist.

I sincerely believe no one has the right to judge anyone and so, I won't judge him but I bet he's an easy subject to make fun of. He gives that vibe (through videos lol) of a guy who always has something to ramble or whine about. But it's so much fun to watch him and listen to his voice. He's really hard to get unseen and he's a remarkable member of Big Bang. Despite his age, I believe he would make an extraordinary business man. It's obvious he has brains. He's not stupid at all and he knows very well what he's doing. I don't think he thinks everything through but I bet anything Seungri wants, he, eventually, gets it. :D That cute face of his definitely hides something more grown up. That's what I, personally, believe.

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