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Announcement + Flying Birds (1)

Hello:) Lately a lot of people have been reading this blog. I'm very sincerely very thankful. I wish to spread the word about K-anything. We can say that is my home away from home country. I'm just so excited to actually move there and become a move director/screenwriter/composer. Because I have a huge imagination I will post from now on some of my stories. They are nothing like The Biography of a Vampire, though. They are definitely more Korean sided. I also used Korean names and I hope they actually exist and I didn't make them up (lol). I want to make out of these stories, in the future, maybe new dramas. I do am stubborn enough to start and translate from English to Korean. Hell, I already started with a few of my lyrics. It's freaking haard, thank God for knowing latin. The grammar is alike. Anyway, here it is my first (ever) supposedly soon-to-be a script.

Flying Birds

Sometimes life is just messing around with us but [i]sometimes[/i] it just pushes over a limit and everything we know gets forgotten. The life changes its own course and we have to do it all over again. It might be a second chance or it might be a hint towards how we should change our destiny with our own hands.

In the silence and peacefulness of a December night, the snow was falling, the snowflakes’ dance continuing until they would fall down on clothes or on the ground. The streets were enlightened by the large Christmas lights and people were running around, looking for perfect gifts. The life looked so simple, so delicate…so wonderful. It might be ended in a blink of an eye, without letting you prepare for it.

“Someone, please call the ambulance!” The womanly shout got the attention of a few passers. So many words were spoken at once and so many were on their phones calling either police or the ambulance.

“How did it happen?” One viewer asked the woman who first shouted. She sighed while trying to stop the blood spilling out of the pretty large wound in her chest, though she had a big bump on her head too. The woman looked up to the people around, her eyes red from the tears.

“The car! It just came out of nowhere!” The woman looked down at the fragile girl. “I hope she gets out of it alive.” The red alerting lights and the sound of sirens got everybody to back off and leave the doctors save the girl.

Light, in the darkness? If I am in the dark what does that light stands for? Heaven? I was pretty sure before; that I have a seat already prepared in hell…Images of the accident came with full force into that abyss. The car, which was the light that was coming rapidly towards the shadowed figure, the yells of scared and worried men and women, the cold she felt when she became unconscious and in those memories just one word got her attention. Risa.

“Is she going to be alright?” There were voices speaking that made the girl’s head pound even more. She felt weak and something was missing. “Is it alright to have her here? She’s not Korean and you just came in with her.” That specifically voice was getting the girl annoyed. She wasn’t a thing to be tossed around.

“She saved an innocent life and we saved hers. I’m not sure how she will react when she will wake up but I know at least that she’s in good hands.” After that last sentence, the voices stopped indicating the end of the discussion. However before the men could leave, they heard a shuffling noise behind. She was waking up.

“Are you alright?” The man with a white gown patted her head kindly. The other one was wearing a suit and looked very businesslike. The girl just grunted and opened her eyes fully.

“I’m…weak. I have a headache and my stomach hurts.” The man in white gown, which logically was the doctor, smiled nicely to her.

“We will give you painkillers for that.” His expression changed fast into one of worry, though.

“Do you remember what happened?” The girl stirred. The images of the accident were still fresh. “I will tell you. You got into a car accident and got a concussion.” The girl raised slowly her hand to her head and massaged it.

“Do you know what your name is?” The other guy asked. The girl’s eyes were clouded by confusion. She raised a finger to her lip, trying to search for the information but it was in vain.
However, she remembered someone calling that name before she completely went unconscious. After an accident, stealing someone’s personality was painless.

“Ri-sa.”Both men looked curiously at the young patient. “Yes…Risa.” She looked up to them with wide brown eyes. You didn’t have to be a genius to know she was still a teenager. “Where am I, exactly?” The two got perplexed by the question. “You two don’t look European at all.” The doctor’s eyes widened slightly but got back to normal and glanced at the business man.

“Risa, you are in South Korea, more exactly Seoul. Right now, you speak hangeul.” She raised an eyebrow. “Do you realize what you’re saying?” She shook her head.

“No. My brain just started comprehending the first language I heard.” The doctor smiled slightly, a little bit relieved. “Is someone here for me?” It got silent again in the room.

“I will leave you two to talk.” The business man sighed while the doctor left the room. That’s when her eyes landed on the formal looking Korean man.

“Rissa…the truth is that after you got into the accident, there’s been an emergency in the hospital.” He started to get nervous. “My daughter is also a patient here. She needed blood while being in surgery and no one was compatible with her…” He stopped trying to see her expression.

“Except me.” He nodded. Maybe as a teenager she should have reacted badly but she seemed satisfied. “It’s alright.” She even smiled kindly, getting the same reaction from the older man. He grabbed her hands tightly and bowed. The girl stood there, simply watching.

“Thank you.” Her smile brightened and nodded her head in sign of appreciation. “Now, your situation is a little different. We don’t know anything about you and no one came in this whole month to check on you.” Her eyes seemed as the life suddenly disappeared. “I know it’s sudden but I will take care of you from now on.”

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