miercuri, 16 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." Kim Beom

Well, in one word, everything. He's one of those cute little Korean actors that you can't miss. He's an adorable man and every time I watch Boys Over Flower I feel like hugging the hell out of him. He just seems to be so easy to cuddle with? Alright, anyway, I don't really like being a fan girl so I usually don't see Korean idols or any known person as what they want to show or what they seem so most of the time I can't say yeah, that guy is like that or like this and blah blah. I watch them as any other fan but I try to see beyond the appearances.

In Kim Beom's case I've seen a prodigy kind of acting skills. His face attracts a lot of attention so he uses that as a nudge, we can say, but he doesn't seem to be that kind of person to brag about his achievements. It's obvious he worked since he was a child and it starts to show off. In Boys Over Flowers his character was a pompous rich young man who didn't seem to have a heart but when I watched the BTS I laughed my ass off. He's still at the beginning of his career, though. He has more to learn and he should look for more diverse roles. He can be a versatile actor, he just needs to challenge himself more. Anyway, I also saw The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and I didn't really see a difference in roles. He's still a cute guy with a cute face, nothing phenomenal.

The role that made a some kind of difference in my view was in Padam Padam where, it was obviously a more mature role. He didn't have to show his toned body in my point of view because he was portraying a guardian angel. Fantastic or not, the role suited him and it gave him a bigger nudge towards a more active genre. I'm really looking forward to his career and I hope he will surprise with roles that get him out of the 'oh what an adorable guy with boyish smile' place he started from. I would actually see him in dramas with psychological subjects or even dramatic subjects but there's no need for clichés. You can give him a role of a rich man which doesn't really do anything for himself, the proud and bossy character but if you add more to it and shape the subject around something else than obvious things then he might really increase his skills and the rate of the drama. I don't know if people understand what I'm trying to say here but I expect more from him.

Anyway, I said I like everything about him as an actor so I should point out the good parts too. He's very talented and always brings up a smile on the viewer's face, be it girl or...woman. In Padam Padam he seemed so innocent, like a child in a man's body. He grew up from BOG and he should continue with it. I believe people have in view his looks more than his skills because that happens and I have ears and I have friends and they all talk about how sweet and dreamy he might be. I actually read in an interview that he's the type to stay in his place and doesn't attract attention on the street. He also said something about not attracting, in real life, a lot of pretty women. I think he was joking...I mean seriously...

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