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Matthew Gregory

Meanwhile, Nate was pretty much enjoying his time. The new girl, Dana, was disturbing his sanity. She was pretty, even beautiful, interesting and captivated his attention. That never happened before. He even…smiled sincerely.

“So, what do you think about the welcoming team?” Dana raised an eyebrow while Nate simply waited for an answer.

“I like it.” She smirked. “It makes me feel good, paid for my drink, danced with me, it’s quite entertaining.” Nate chuckled.

“Good. How did you end up in such a city?” Dana didn’t really know what to say so she simply seemed amused by his questions. She certainly was amused by his behavior too and that was a mistake he will pay for later.

“Mom. Her work needs us to move from city to city. I’m just the unfortunate soul that has to sink everything in. She doesn’t really care about my opinions so I just shut up.” She took a long sip of her drink, making Nate’s eyes furrow slightly.

“I know how that is. I’ve been through it.” Dana raised an eyebrow and let the glass down.

“Really. Did you jump from one estate to the other? Left your home country for this shit?” Nate nodded, speechless. “What did you do?” He chuckled and shook his head.

“My father is a doctor. We always had to move. We ended up here and that’s it.” The girl nodded. She had to sink everything in; that was her job, that’s why she was there in the first place.

“Are you alone?” Nate quirked an eyebrow up. He couldn’t say he was taken aback by the question but he definitely wasn’t stupid.

“I am single if that's what you mean. But i don't need a girl as long as i have my sister." Dana quirked an eyebrow up.

“You have a sister?” Nate chuckled. That was getting easier.

“Yes. I bet you know her. She’s quite popular everywhere.” Dana looked slightly bothered. “Any more questions?” She smiled, trying to get back in a happy mood.

Anyway, that wasn’t the only problem. Stella was a magnet for troubles and dangerous situations. Like the one she was in, in that moment. She wanted to get fresh air and got out the bar. She closed her eyes when she finally found a place to calm down. It was in the back and no one could see what was happening there. She opened her eyes, her deep red eyes, when she felt danger.

“I hope you don’t think I’ll just sit around enjoying the stalking.” She heard one male laugh.

“It’s not about your wishes. Not anymore. It’s about us and what we want.” She straightened her posture, her head held high, proudly.

“And what do you want?” The two male presences walked out the shadow, smirking.

“We want you, Stella. One of the only noble families. One of the oldest vampires and a pretty devil undercover.” Her eyes furrowed into a glare.

“I am not a weapon.” One of the male vampires chuckled slightly.

“Not yet. You just need…a small nudge.” Stella flashed in front of the one who talked and raised him by his neck. “IF we don’t do it, someone else will. You will either die or help us.”

“Help you with what?” She asked through her greeted teeth. The other male vampire came behind her. It was Liam.

“Let him go, princess. We can’t harm you and we know it. Vampires like you are hard to tame.” She glared at the blue eyed vampire. “We need you and you need us. But first, we need the real Stella alive. We need her rage, her desire for revenge.” She let the other vampire go and flashed in front of Liam.

“Revenge on who?” His cold eyes stared into hers.

“Matthew Gregory.” Her eyes widened and backed off. Liam smirked. “Are you afraid, Stella? Are you afraid…” He flashed behind her and whispered into her ear. “…of your uncle?”

“What uncle?” Liam smirked and signed for the other male to leave. He did, leaving the two much dangerous vampires alone in the back of a bar full of humans.

“Aww. And here I was, thinking you already figured your family out.” He fakery pouted. “Do you really think you only had your parents? Aaron Gregory is a legend and you became one too. Like father, like daughter.” He chuckled slightly and put a hand on her back, making her flinch. Her eyes were watching every move and inside she could feel herself struggling to keep her mind blank. “On the other side…” He started and trailed his hand to her waist. She didn’t move, though. She stood there like a statue. “Matthew was…how can I put it…a badass. He loved to play, he loved women.” He stopped and used his free hand to touch her check softly. “He never ceased to amaze the elders. He never cared about your father…until you were born. Surprisingly, took a liking to you.” He trailed his eyes over her and smirked. He pulled Stella into him by her waist and leaned in to her ear. “He had a soft spot for you. He knew you have the power and you couldn’t control it. But you did learn pretty fast how it works.” She rolled her eyes and turned to face him, taking his hand off.

“Why should I believe what you say?” He chuckled and raised an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you ask your little friend, Alex? He knows your uncle rather well. He was his…’student’” He finished, pointing the quote signs. Stella’s eyes furrowed, though. She wasn’t happy with the answer.

“Why do you want revenge on him?” Liam’s eyes changed fast in red and growled.

“He killed my sister. Anyone who got near him, suffered. He thinks vampire females are just like human females. Unworthy., small miseries that need to be cleaned. But not you. You’re the exception. You are the only female he ever respected, except Beatrice.” Stella rolled her eyes, again.

“Don’t tell me. He loved her too.” Liam didn’t say anything until he started laughing. Stella simply glared at him.

“Love?! No way in hell. He liked how feisty she was, indeed, but definitely not love. He doesn’t know where you are but he knows you are alive. He knows about Nate and Eric, about Adrian and James, about everything. Do you think he would forget about his adored, dear niece? No.”

“And why do you tell me all these?” He rolled his eyes annoyingly.

“Didn’t I already tell you?” She scoffed and turned to leave. However, Liam got a tight grip on her wrist. “Think about it. If you help us, we will leave you alone.” Stella didn’t comment and just shrugged his hand off and left.

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