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Flying Birds (2)

Flying Birds

“Rissa…the truth is that after you got into the accident, there’s been an emergency in the hospital.” He started to get nervous. “My daughter is also a patient here. She needed blood while being in surgery and no one was compatible with her…” He stopped trying to see her expression.

“Except me.” He nodded. Maybe as a teenager she should have reacted badly but she seemed satisfied. “It’s alright.” She even smiled kindly, getting the same reaction from the older man. He grabbed her hands tightly and bowed. The girl stood there, simply watching.

“Thank you.” Her smile brightened and nodded her head in sign of appreciation. “Now, your situation is a little different. We don’t know anything about you and no one came in this whole month to check on you.” Her eyes seemed as the life suddenly disappeared. “I know it’s sudden but I will take care of you from now on.”


“Take care of me…? Can you?” Her voice, still soft, sounded amused. However, he was dead serious.

“My name is Kong Gi and I’m 40 years old. I live with my wife and daughter and I work as a manager at a music company.” He said while bowing. She looked taken back by the forwardness.

The next day, manager K, as Risa chose to call him, came to get her to her new home, wherever that would be. She got discharged fast by the doctor; whose name she found out is Gu Han Gyeong.

“Korean names are really fun.” She joked while getting her jacket on. She was wearing the same clothes from the accident since she had nothing else. Also there was no luggage. Manager Kong was really kind with her and helped the young female get into the car. “Wow” Were the words she got out after the car drove into unknown. There were so many high buildings, so many people rummaging the streets. “They look all the same...” She mumbled while being glued to the window. Kong Gi muffled a laugh at her observation.

“They are all different in their unique ways.” She didn’t make any sign of response and simply watched silently the scenery. From the really busy center of Seoul, the car drove to a quieter place. There were mostly houses and a little bit forward was one mansion that looked to be the most expensive in the neighborhood. Risa wasn’t the type to be afraid of anything, mostly when it came to something as trivial as walking out the car and stepping into a complete unknown house, but she was. Manager Kong smiled softly seeing her condition. “They won’t bite you.” He said, amused. She didn’t flinch. The older man sighed and grabbed her hand. “They are good guys, Risa.” She nodded her head slowly and let herself be dragged by the Korean man into the house.

Inside, the place was beautiful and even bigger. The first thing she saw was the large living room with a grand piano in the middle. On the far end of the living was a kitchen from what could she see. On the left was a transparent door which led to a balcony or yard.

“Do you like it?” Manager Kong was really having fun just watching her changing expressions. However, Risa didn’t have the time to respond. Down the stairs walked a guy with pitch black wet hair, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants. He was rubbing his neck and didn’t see how perplexed Risa was. He managed to see just the manager.

“안녕, MK.” The guy smirked over to the elder and his eyes slowly traveled to the Caucasian girl. He quirked an eyebrow up and gave a cheeky smile. “Hello.” Risa couldn’t talk. She was mesmerized by his character. “Is she a fan or something? Shin Woo is not back yet.” After that kind of bored response towards the manager, Risa’s mood dropped instantly. She narrowed her eyes to the young man and scoffed.

“A fan? Who the hell are you anyway?” The guy looked taken back. Kong restrained from having a fit and simply regained his composure.

“This is Risa. She’s not from around here so she doesn’t know you.” The still anonymous boy watched dumbfounded between the manager, a face he knew, and the young girl, who was really pretty now that he took a closer look, her eyes being brown but having strings towards the iris. After he processed the information, he smiled, nicer than before.

“Nice to meet you.” He bowed and continued. “My name is Park Tae Hyuk.” When he raised his posture, he tensed his muscles, making Risa’s attention get caught into that. The boy wasn’t stupid and remarked that, the result being a quite amused expression from the manager. However, the boy simply smirked and walked over to the kitchen, looking for something to eat as it was early in the morning.

“See? It isn’t that bad.” Manager Kong whispered to the foreigner, though, she didn’t seem to look as perplexed as she was before. Actually, Riss’s attention got null as she started to try and remember why she accepted to get cared of by the elder.

“So manager, explain to me why you came here with a girl who’s not even a fan of ours.” Kong smiled nervously and scratched his cheek. Since he saw Risa being in her little world, thinking probably about her situation, he walked to the more mature member and sighed.

When Tae Hyuk observed how his manager got closer and tensed his posture, he chose to stop his previous action, which was drinking coffee, and listen to him.

“Tae Hyuk, I have a favor to ask you.” The younger man raised an eyebrow. “You know my daughter had a complication while being in surgery.” He nodded his head. Kong often showed worry around him and the other members and no one knew why until he told them about his daughter’s condition. “She needed blood and no one had her type in the whole hospital. That’s when a new patient came in. She was caught in a car accident and was on verge of dying. Hee Hae’s doctor got the new patient…Rissa.” Tae Hyuk’s eyes widened and glanced to the curious and innocent looking girl from the living room. She was looking at the piano, her hand trailing over the surface. She looked to be deep in thoughts.

“So she almost died and because she helped your daughter by donating blood, she’s here?” Kong nodded.

“Well, she wasn’t really conscious when she donated but she seemed content when the doctor told her about that. Anyway, she suffered a concussion and now has amnesia. No one knows when she will remember or if she will remember at all. She has no family or friends from what we know. She’s all by herself through strangers.” Tae Hyuk’s eyes held sympathy for the female. He glanced again at her and sighed. He got up and walked over the piano. He smiled and put his hand over her shoulder, as in a one sided hug.

“Don’t worry Kong ssi, I’ll take care of her.” The young female could just furrow her eyebrows, completely dumbstruck.

“I’m not a thing to be tossed from one person to another.” She mumbled, shaking his hand off. However, Tae Hyuk didn’t seem to get offended by her gestures or her facial expression, which in his view, looked like a lost puppy. In her point of view, manager Kong did something amazing for her, taking care and everything, but leaving her into the hands of a person who wasn’t that much older than her wasn’t her description of responsibility over a human, moreover, a girl. “Wait! Wait…” The manager was ready to leave when she stopped him.“You are leaving me with him?” She pointed towards the very relaxed guitarist. “How old is he? 19? 20?” Tae Hyuk rolled his eyes and leaned on the piano. Manager Kong looked between the male and the female and started to snicker.

“I’m sure you’re on good hands. Tae Hyuk is a guy I can trust.”

“What about the others? You said there’s a band!” He stopped smiling and shrugged.

“I will come around so everything’s fine. You are going to be fine.” She sighed and walked back inside the living room, giving up. Kong’s smile came back towards Tae Hyuk and waved, leaving the two alone.

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