joi, 10 mai 2012

'What I Like About...' Lee Hongki and FT Island

Today on 'What I like about...' is Lee Hongki. He's the vocalist of the korean rock band FT Island. That's one of my forever favourite Asian bands. Each member has his own charm and his own little thing that makes the band a wonderful whole. Hongki has, in my point of view, one of the best voices in Asia. It's really nice to hear it and it gets you addicted. Now seriously, who didn't cry when they heard Hongki singing with such sadness. This is a true singer. His voice sounds exactly as on the record and every time I hear him sing I get goosebumps. Is not about the looks at this boy (though he does look good) but it's more about his huge talent. His voice can make you smile and be happy or it can make you cry. He sends the emotions and the message of the song really well. I always say that the vocalist is very important because, practically, he is the story teller. Also, the story has to be told in a certain way so the listeners can make an idea of what is about. I'm not a professional when it comes to Korean, I started it just three months ago, but I don't even need to understand the lyrics so I can understand the feelings and well...the song.

The first song I heard from FT Island was Distance. I got mesmerized by it. It was so soothing but at the same time, it made me cry. The first thought I had was 'Wow. I can relate to it.' The second was Hate and Resentment. That is another sad song that will never get old. The sadness in Hongki's voice, the instrumental (which never ceases to impress and inspire me) just complete each other and when there's one of the other members singing too (and they do have good voices, Jaejin always gets me.) it's just wow. This band will never get bad because that's impossible. It's a proven fact. Hongki...I sincerely admire you. What you can get out of a person's soul just with your vocals is impressive.

P.S: The new album, Grown Up, is one of my favourites. Not just Severely, but the whole.

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