duminică, 6 mai 2012

Love Rain

Another drama on my 'Totally Awesome' list is Love Rain. This is a super cute drama about love. I do have to say I'm completely parallel with romantic things and especially with love but this one got me. Firstly, the action takes place in the beginning somewhere in the '70's and it describes the pure and sincere love story of  Kim Yoon Hee and Seo In Ha. After a dramatic turn of events, their love isn't fated to be and they go each on their own path. However, after a few long years, in 2012, their children meet and also fall in love with each other. It kind of gets complicated when the parents meet and want to continue their love story from where they stopped it which would mean their children's love wouldn't be possible, which also kind of annoys me. But hey, I really hope it will have a happily ever after...though it would be real cool if the end will be all wicked.

Anyway, the OST of this drama is good. It really completes the whole concept and the actors, which are Jang Keun Suk and Yoona (from SNSD), make the story even greater. they play both the past couple and the present couple and i have to say I'm a fan of Keun Suk ssi. He's a damn good actor and never ceases to amaze me with his talent. :)

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