marți, 8 mai 2012

Buzzer Beat

One quite dramatic and likeable drama is Buzzer Beat. When I started to watch it I wasn't too sure I will be able to get through it because I get annoyed easily with some stories but little by little I started to like it. I got captivated by it mostly because you don't know throughout the drama if the two principle characters will realize how much they love each other.

One good point about Buzzer Beat is that the story is about careers and love. Sometimes you have to leave pride aside and welcome the feeling of love...though personally speaking, it's very hard. Anyway, the drama is mostly about a professional basketball player, Naoki (Yamashita Tohomisa), and a violinist, Riko (Keiko Kitagawa). Throughout the story, Naoki faces some problems and tries to succeed in the world of basketball while Riko struggles in the world of music. The two meet and well...they just click, they have a lot in common and they fit perfectly.

Sincerely, I like anything with good music or even better, classical music in it. The violin Riko plays in the drama is really soothing. Of course there are other characters that complicate the plot but in the end, Naoki realises his feelings for Riko and even though he kind of annoys me because he's real SLOW. The character itself is messy and irrational sometimes...but in the end I liked it. Buzzer Beat is a good drama even if it has its own annoying parts. :)

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