luni, 21 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." Yusuke Yamamoto

In the first place, he's an awesome actor. I believe I have seen almost every movie he has been in. I recognize I started with Ouran High School Host Club series and he just seemed to be perfect as Tamaki. Childish, has a expressive face, those eyes of his...he's quite a nice fellow. Next was Hana Kimi. He wasn't in the leads but he was good enough as Taiki Kayashima. However, he seemed really weird while 'speaking' with the ghosts. Actually, the whole Hana Kimi series was weirdly entertaining. I enjoyed it a lot. From there, somehow, I stumbled upon Atashinchi no Danshi, where again, he freaked me out at first. He looked very...he had make up on. Even if he was supposed to be a model, he was afraid of women. His character, Masaru Ookura, was quite catchy though. Each character in that series had its respective problem and past issues. I believe that's what attracted me the most. Besides these dramas, I also wrote about Tumbling, where I got moved by the subject itself. Now, I'm still waiting for more episodes on Shaken Baby.

As an actor, I admire him very much. As a person, I haven't seen him in videos a lot (because most of them aren't translated and one Asian language is enough for now) but he seems to give it all. He's very passionate and funny. It's fun to watch him, even if he simply stands. He has that glint that simply gets you addicted to his roles. He seems to take a lot of different roles. I love that about him. But, in the end, each character has a revelation about his persona and about the subject in the drama which until now I have seen Yamamoto took roles which had strong stories behind. I love how he plays any role and does a almost perfect job at modelling it. Good job, Yusuke Yamamoto. But, there are some negative points too. In Shaken Baby I think he tries too much. He's not a perverted and it doesn't suit him that well. It's not that I don't enjoy seeing him be messy but it seems a little bit false. In Atashinchi no Danshi, again, I believe he tried at some points, a little too much. He does know how to cover his mistakes in acting but he's just 24 years old. He's still young and he does have a long way to go too. He's good but he can get better. We should all keep our eyes on him for a long time because we never know when he'll surprise us. ;)

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