sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

Party Night

That night was going to be eventful. Alex and Eric were ready while Nate disappeared. James didn’t give a shit so he just chose to go and look for dinner.

“Where the hell is she?” Alex wasn’t one to wait for somebody, not even Stella. He was growing annoyed each passing moment. Eric glanced at his ‘enemy’ and quirked up an eyebrow, amused.

“I thought you know her better than anyone. Shouldn’t you know she takes longer than you to get ready?” Alex turned his head and glared at the older vampire, annoyed. He was ready to say a smartass comeback but he got interrupted by the beautiful vampire, walking down the stairs. Both boys stared at her. She didn’t wear something low cut or a short dress. She just had tight jeans and a black shirt, her hair was straightened and she had a slight petal of make-up. She rolled her eyes and walked between them, to the door, on the way, closing their mouths.

“Let’s finish with this.” Both boys turned their heads and stared at the vampire beauty getting out the house. Eric was the first to get out of the trance and glanced at Alex. He was getting out from day dreaming too. The younger male nodded and went to take two special sticks.

“She’ll hate us if we kill them and don’t tell her.” Eric rolled his eyes. Alex smirked at his ‘enemy’‘s ignorance. “Does sweet Eric want to keep secrets from his ‘long lost love’?” The vampire didn’t comment and just walked out, the chuckling Alex right behind.

At the party, people were invading the bar. There were still arriving teenagers and one of them was Nate. He chose to leave earlier so he could inspect the place. However, he didn’t find anything to attract his attention.

“Hey. Um…can you help me please?” The vampire turned his beautiful green eyes to the person who touched him. He was shocked of what he saw. There she was…

“An angel…” He whispered. The girl furrowed her eyebrows together and frowned.

“What?” Nate got out of his thoughts and shook his head. However, the staring didn’t stop. “Um…is there something wrong?” Again, the vampire shook his head and focused.

“N-No. Everything’s fine. I was just…” He didn’t know what to invent. Thankfully, the girl smiled.

“Getting lost in your own thoughts?” He nodded, speechless. She chuckled under her breath and stuck her hand out. “It happens to me too. I’m Dana, by the way.” His eyes trailed from her beautiful green eyes to her bright, white smile and down to her smooth, tiny body and in the end, to her hand. Her curls were dancing while she started laughing slightly. “I don’t bite.” Nate’s mood changed in a second and smirked.

“But I do.” She raised an eyebrow while shaking hands. “Do you want a drink?” Her big green eyes shined, a secret lying behind them.

“Sure. Just show me the way.” Nate’s smirk grew and led her to the bar.

When Stella got out the car, she was stressed. She didn’t know how to act; she didn’t know what will happen or what she will see. How will she recognize the two vampires?

“Relax.” Eric patted her back and slowly led the vampire female inside. In the moment she put her foot on the floor she got hit with a huge wave of music. She took a deep breath and let herself be controlled by the natural vampiric senses.

“Let’s get this party started.” Alex smirked and grabbed Stella by the waist, leading her to the dance floor.

The time flew and hours did too. Stella got bored of just dancing with Eric and Alex, and she was sick of Sami’s glares so she walked to the bar, ready for a drink…or more. She tensed when someone stopped her from talking and ordered in her place.

“Four double tequilas.” The stranger sat next to her and smirked. “We can’t let a beautiful lady like her pay for herself.” Stella’s green eyes turned to meet a pair of blue orbs.

“And who might you be?” He smirked and put a hand on hers.

“Liam Melon. Enchanter” He grabbed her hand and kissed it. She narrowed her eyes at the new acquaintance.

“You’re one of the new kids?” He nodded his head, that stupid smirk never leaving his face.

“It’s an honor to finally meet you…” He stopped got closer to her face, crossing the personal comfort line. “Stella Blanche.” Her eyes became red in an instant while his just darkened. As simple as he arrived, he left, leaving an annoyed Stella behind.

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