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At home, Stella was in her room, packing her stuff. Alex left to tell Nate about the new arrangement. Adrian wasn’t too happy about it but he couldn’t comment. There wasn’t an alternative. Even if he didn’t show it, he trusted Eric and, surprisingly, Alex when it came to Stella’s safety.

“Calm down, Adrian. She’ll be safe with us. Just think about your family. Let the real deal on us.” The vampire slayer sighed and sat on the comfortable couch. He left himself fall deeper into it. From Eric’s point of view, Adrian looked exactly like a teenager. He acted like one too. It was obvious a man like him was too young still, to have two teenagers. But anyway, it seemed people took it like something normal.

While Adrian and Eric were standing in the living room, thinking over and over again about the present situation, upstairs, Stella was seated on her bed, face in the pillow.

“I’ll miss you, bed.” She mumbled. That bed was full of memories. She took it everywhere! Every time they moved, the bed was there and now…she had to leave it behind because it would be too dangerous…”But then again…” She got up and stared at it. She smirked when an interesting idea popped up.

“I think you’re kidding me.” Stella smiled innocently at Alex. The younger vampire stood there, staring straight ahead with a ‘wtf’ look.

“Please.” Stella’s green eyes deepened slightly, gleaming with innocence. She could make Alex do whatever she wanted and it wasn’t just because she was a vampire. She could catch Alex in a deep trance without even trying and she so knew it. When Alex’s blue eyes glanced into Stella’s, he became a lost cause. He sighed defeated and walked to the bed. Stella watched smiley, hands behind back, eyes shining evilly. “Thanks Alex. This really means a lot to me.” She smiled sweetly when she heard Alex scoff. She rolled her eyes and walked out on the balcony while the vampire took the bed and dragged it downstairs. She put her hands on the railing and watched the scenery. Her eyes trailed everywhere, mostly to the old and tall trees that could've been seen from there. She felt her eyes get red when she found two presences somewhere near the house. She didn’t want them to get close to her father’s family, even if it would be a great reason for their death. She smirked and closed her eyes, imagining the scene happening.

“Stella?” She opened her eyes and glanced back to Eric’s deep blue curious orbs. “What’s Alex doing with your bed?” She chuckled slightly and turned her attention back to the outside world.

“He’s carrying it to your house. That bed holds too many memories for me to abandon it. It has always been there.” Eric nodded even if he didn’t really understand her reason. Stella was a complicated teenage girl and overall was a vampire. With her past, it’s still a mystery how she cooped up so well with angst and happiness. “When are we leaving? I hate how those two guys stare visibly at me. Like I’m a freaking lifeless statue.” She turned to Eric, an annoyed expression on her stoic face. “Do I look like an object?” Eric held up a chuckle and shook his head. She scoffed and went into the house muttering curses under her breath. Eric took her place on the balcony and looked in the distance. The vampires left when they saw their new gossip subject enter the house. He sighed and closed his eyes, enjoying the silence.

“Let me go!” Eric’s eyes opened back and rubbed his head. That was going to be a long and tiring day. He just knew it.

Downstairs, the answer for Eric’s annoyance was Adrian’s family. It seemed Cousin Emily couldn’t hold her curiousness back anymore. Of course, in her state, Stella could’ve blown completely in front of her.

“Where do you go?” Stella rolled her eyes.

“Why would I tell you? It shouldn’t bother you.” Emily’s glare deepened.

“It bothers me. I saw Alex with your bed! You’re going to screw him don’t you?” Stella’s eyes dropped instantly to the human in a superior glance.

“That’s not a tone you can use with me.” Emily was furious already. She grabbed Stella’s wrist. IT didn’t hurt but just the action got the vampire mad. “Take your hand off.” Emily didn’t listen. She just tightened her grip. Stella’s eyes dilated, from the corners getting red. She grabbed Emily’s hand, tightly. It hurt her and that made the dangerous vampire smirk in a sadistic way, which kind of scared everyone.

“Let me go!” Eric flashed downstairs to see Stella ready to tear Emily in pieces.

“Stella!” She stopped for a second but didn’t take her eyes off her supposed cousin. “Stella…we have to go.” Nothing. “Now.” She rolled her eyes and let the human go. After a quick glance around the room she walked out the house, Eric right behind her.

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