miercuri, 16 mai 2012

Skip Beat

Yay, I will talk about one of the dramas I have been looking forward to at the beginning of the year. It didn't disappoint and that because of the Taiwanese actress, who surprised me, Ivy Chen. I've seen the anime and the series was, well not like the anime entirely but close enough. At first, I recognize, I watched it because of Donghae and Siwon from Super Junior but after a few episodes I got swept off by Ivy's acting skills.

Everyone knows the subject. It's about Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) who gave up most of her life in order to support her childhood friend and romantic interest, Bu Po Shang ( Lee Donghae). After achieving his dream, he leaves Gong Xi behind and acts as if she's his servant. When she wakes up, finally, she seeks for revenge even if she has to enter the showbiz industry for that to happen. She gets in, eventually, and she meets Dun He Lian (Choi Siwon), a well known actor who's engrossed by her reason to become an actress. Throughout the plot Gong Xi shows her talent and slowly, forgets about revenge and concentrates on her dream. She has new possibilities and many doors open up. Eventually, Dun He Lian falls in love with her and Bu Po Shang realizes that he's not ready to give her up. That's the end of the series. It would've been nice if they would have continued. at least until 20 episodes but whatever.

The acting in it was very good. Siwon has some pretty skills there and I was impressed how stoic he could be. Of course, Ivy Chen was the big phenomenon in the drama. She portrayed Gong Xi in such a impressive way. She actually induced those feelings to me, as a viewer, and every time she would become disappointed or face hardship I really started to think about my own career, which will start after the Bacalaureat (the exam I have to take in order to finish high school). She did a great job in this drama. There are so many good points at her that it would take a lot to write. Bad points in this drama...aren't many. There was a skeleton and the director couldn't move away from it and I understood that. Possibilities were way too many but there are some rules when you make a series or movie. Anyway, I also liked Donghae's acting skills even though they weren't that obvious. I've seen him in It's Ok, Daddy's Daughter and it wasn't really something to comment about because it wasn't something to grab my attention and I was looking forward to see him in Skip Beat. He didn't disappoint but he didn't surprise either. I would like to see him in another drama, where he should have a harder role, before I can pronounce the verdict on him.

Anyway, I'm also very careful when it comes to music on dramas. This one has some good songs that give a really happy and dynamic feeling. It's not just a drama but also a comedy so it goes well together.

In the end, I liked Skip Beat and I watched it wholeheartedly and it always brought a smile on my face so I guarantee if you want to watch it or want to re-watch it then go ahead. :)

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