vineri, 25 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." 2NE1

Sincerely, I started listening to 2NE1 by mistake. I was looking for a completely different girls band (Brown Eyed Girls if I remember correctly) and came by I'm The Best, which means it wasn't too long ago. However, I didn't find the song likeable at all. I listened to him once and still loaded it but after a few more times I started to love it and even, though it's uncharacteristically to me, I even learned the dance. That's a big step for me and it means I love that song. After it, I kind of started to look more into their music and found out they are part of YG, like Se7en, Tablo, Big Bang, Gummy, etc. Anyway, what I like about 2NE1 is the fact that they get out of the usual. The four girls have attitude, give you that 'hell yeah' feeling, they are even more bad ass than Big Bang, if we talk about YG, or even B.A.P, if we talk in general.  

Now, their songs roll really well which means they don't dissatisfy the public and they songs gets the listener to dance or sing along. Bom's voice is amazing and she looks like a doll but her black eyes scare me sometimes. They are so dark. CL is a good leader even though she's young. I actually like her the best. She reminds me of a teenager who just found out what she wants to do in life. She's also natural on stage and has a good voice. She can pull a lot of faces and attitudes. She seems a good and versatile singer. Continuing, Sandara looks very young. When I found out she's 27 I was perplexed. She looks to be about 23 at most. When I saw the Strong Heart: YG Family Special I laughed at how childish she acts. On top of that, she seems a good evil partner for Seungri. Now, the maknae of the group, Minzy. She reminds me a lot about Daesung, lol. Maybe it's the eyes or maybe because they seem shy but aren't. However, she's still young but has quite the bad looks there. Their songs genre differs a lot and so does their image. They stand out and aren't afraid to show who they are. I love their style and how their music can satisfy any one.

Most of the girls bands are very winy tiny pinky and show a lot of innocence and aegyo. I believe what's too much gets annoying. It might be because of my origins, in the end I have lived my whole life in Europe with a different perception of feminism and innocence is not a characteristic for girls in my country. I should go look for my innocence since I lost that when I was really young. I'm not talking about innocence as in being a virgin or not but as in having a nice mind and pure intentions. I believe that's why I like 2NE1 and 4Minute. Maybe they express more feeling than SNSD, who for me seem to be on a straight line and never amaze me with anything, especially attitude. (but I don't have anything with them)


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