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Top 5 Most Catchy K-pop Songs 2012 (Boys Ver)

Since I really didn't have anything to do this week (because there's no homework) I started to review my YouTube playlist. It seems the whole 2012 year is full with catchy, weirdly entertaining k-songs. I'm a fan of K-pop since I first watched Simon and Martina do 'How to dance K-pop 2008' and this year is a promising one. So, I reviewed my list and thought about a Top 5 Best Songs that appeared in 2012 and give a addicting feeling. So, let it roll lol:D

5. Block B -Nanrina

Sincerely, this song captivated me from the first listening. It's very catchy even though the MV doesn't seem to have a sense (for me). I couldn't really get the chorus out of my head for weeks.

4. LEDApple- Time is up

This is songs is awesome. I love LEDApple. They are some nice and talented guys and Time is up is even now one of my favourites. I fell in love with the song from the beginning and I love the rhythm. Also, there's not much to dance on it and that's what I liked in the first place. Is a band with instruments and two vocalists who have talent. 

3. B.A.P- Power

Firstly, I heard this song through a parody where instead of 'Hate You' I actually believed they say 'Heechul' lol. But the song is completely awesome. Until now, B.A.P surprised me each time and they don't let the 'rookie' skills show because their skills are amazing. The video also compliments the whole song. However, I still don't understand the spraying part.

2. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

I thought I went crazy when I realized just how much I love this song. I'm a YG fan for life and am a devoted VIP but seriously, when I saw TOP saying 'Wow Fantastic Baby' I dreamt just 'Wow Fantastic Baby.' Wherever I would go I still have GD's part in my head and without realizing I start with 'na nana na na'. I swear I would take GD and hide him in my closet and when I'm sad, put him sing and eventually have TOP dance. Now, who doesn't want to see them dance on 'ai si tu te pego'? I would pay just to see them do that. :D

1. JJ Project- Bounce

I already said how much I adore this song. It's fresh, they are young and they look good. Seems like they started with the right foot in the industry. Over all that, they act in Dream High 2. These two boys look like they are going to be a big thing if they stuck with the image they have now. I saw how a lot of people preffer JB over Jr but I can't choose. They are both adorable, mostly when they shake their butts that cutely. (we all were like aww when they did that, let's recognize:D)

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