joi, 3 mai 2012

James's kind of Fun

When Stella arrived home, Alex and Eric behind her, Gracie went upstairs to play while the female population from the house stared at the two boys. Chelsea and Emily gawked at Alex’s hotness while Natalie gawked at Eric. They were both staying there proudly. However, Adrian wasn’t as pleased as the women to see the two vampires.

“Stella. I told you not to get them in.” Eric interrupted the vampire slayer, serious face on.

“We have to talk with you about…the problem.” Adrian glanced at the smirking Alex, who waved to Chelsea. Eric rolled his eyes. “Ignore him.” Stella nudged Alex and took hold of his hand, dragging the vampire after Adrian and Eric, into the kitchen.

“I’m all ears.” Stella sat down on a chair while Alex started searching for blood through the fridge.

“They saw Stella.” Eric finally said. Adrian widened his eyes and glanced at Stella. “She’s safe for now but I can’t guarantee for your family.” Adrian nodded.

“What should we do?” Alex closed the fridge and turned all smiley with the bottle of beer in hand.

“Move with us.” Adrian gave Alex a sarcastically look. One that says ‘no-way-in-hell’.

“Actually, that’s a good idea.” The three pairs of eyes looked surprised over the vampire slayer.

“It is?” Stella asked, not sure if that plan would work out well.

“It’s the only safe idea.” Stella raised an eyebrow.

“Safe? Living with four male vampires in the same house sounds safe to you?” He shrugged.
“There are pluses too. You get more lovey time with Eric.” Adrian gave a sharp glare to the younger vampire. He shrugged and threw the bottle of beer in the trash can.

“I’ll call James.” Alex looked up to Adrian and smirked.

“James is busy right now. He has a date.” Adrian’s eyes gave a glint of realization. He forgot about James’s date completely. “And I bet he has…” He stopped, his smirk getting bigger. “Fun.”

The truth was that, James didn’t have much fun. His date was a blonde, nicely curved girl who wouldn’t shut up for nothing in the world. At first, James found her attractive and simply delicious but then she started talking. She became talkative and annoying and she wanted attention. James couldn’t give it to her anymore.

“I think we should get you home, Aly.” He said, how nicely possible. However, the blonde had other plans. From the first time she landed eyes on the skinny, hot vampire she knew what she wanted to happen after the supposed date. It actually went according her plan. Movie, dinner, dance, a couple shots and next was sex. But James wasn’t an ordinary man and that’s what she didn’t add to her plan. The woman smirked and got up, ready to get home and into ‘action’.

The whole ride home was full with her voice, rambling about something or another. James was sick and stopped the car, abruptly.

“It’s time for a walk.” He said, his voice getting a little harsh. The female nodded and smirked, thinking about stupid things, like she had done until then. James grabbed her hand and both started walking deeper into the woods. The moon was already up, the date had started at 7 pm and the wind became harsher. Seeing how his date was cold, the gentleman gave her his jacket. She smiled and thanked, getting closer to him. James eyes traveled over her face, stopping at the wide opened neck. He smirked, smelling the fresh blood. “I want to show you something.” He whispered in her ear, his voice getting the woman to tremble.

They didn’t walk more. The spot was perfect and out of view. James turned to his date and smirked alluring. He leaned closer to her lips.

“Did you have a good time, Aly?” The woman couldn’t say anything anymore. His voice gave her chills. She finally found the power to nod, though. “I know the perfect way we can finish this date.” He leaned more, their lips touching. The blonde grabbed the back of his head and he got a tight grip around her hips. The make out session finished after a few more seconds. He trailed sweet kisses to her neck and started sucking on one spot. She moaned and let her head back for more space. What she didn’t see coming was how James’s canines grew visibly and launched in her flesh. Her eyes opened and tried to get James off but he caught her hands and kept a tight grip on her head. He sucked until he drained the small body. When he finished he threw her like an old sock and cleaned the blood from his face. He also took his jacket and put it back around himself.

“Finally silence.” He glanced down at the mess and moved shook her a little with his foot. After that, he simply left, like nothing actually happened.

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