miercuri, 9 mai 2012

'What I Like About...' TOP

First to be in 'What I like about...' is *drums* TOP. We all love him, we all admire his handsome self and we all laugh when we see him dancing but is that all there is to Choi Seung Hyun? I don't know...Big Bang is a very interesting band. Let's take it from the most obvious things. When you say TOP, I personally think about his deep, husky voice which makes any woman melt. He's quite talented when it comes to rapping and he's good at beat box. He does have a good singing voice, I looked up on YouTube for proof and I did find it. I'm a musician and my ears are formed so he DOES have voice.

I watched enough videos with him to realize he's definitely not that 'super awesome perfect cool man'. Even he said that people would say he's an idiot when he acts as himself but doesn't that add to his charm? I personally admire how someone so stoic looking can have the heart of a child. It's not that good to grow up inside too. He 's grown up outside well enough, though :D. Except the part he always shows on TV I believe he's just your usual playful, rebellious, 'fuck it' guy. I don't see him as a heart breaker but he has experience with girls.

So, in the end, Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP is more than it looks and is talented...except for dancing...that's just not for him. But it's still fun when he does it. I'm sure you, TOP and Big Bang fans, know the video where they dance on 2NE1's I'm The Best. The girls are so badass and the boys are...they simply are. But anyway, I love both bands. However, when I saw TOP dancing on it...let's just say no one can have his charm while dancing...except maybe Yesung (Super Junior).

So that's the first so called idol on this post of 'What I like about...'. There are negative parts to all of those who will come next but in the end, we're all fans and have different opinions. :)

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