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Dear diary: I lost control

Meanwhile, Stella was rather relaxed in the same place James left her. She closed her eyes and, unconsciously, smelled blood. She furrowed her eyebrows and cracked her knuckles. The smell was getting closer rather fast. The human was running. She stood there like a statue until the human bumped into her from behind. It was a young teenage girl. Stella could smell the quantity of adrenaline the girl had. She was scared shitless of something.Also, someone was searching for the teenager from what the vampire could hear.

“I…I’m s-sorry.” The girl looked up at the vampire, who was struggling to keep control. The human looked down at her bloody ankle and the bruises on her arms. Stella could smell them. She knew she couldn’t stop anymore. She needed it more than ever.

“Found you!” The girl turned scared to the man behind both females. He looked tired, maybe from running, but at the same time he had an insane expression. His face had bruises, most likely from the girl who tried to defend herself. He started to yell something at her but Stella’s ears could listen just to their beating hearts.

“Help me.” The girl whined to the older female. Stella didn’t even move. The man snickered.

“Well, well, well. Two birds at once. This is going to be interesting.” The smaller girl started to cry and grabbed Stella’s hand tightly. The man grabbed the teenager from her wrist and began pulling her into him. Stella grabbed the hand the girl had a grip on and pushed the man away. He glared at her and pushed her, hard. Stella didn’t see that coming and stumbled back. That was it. Someone dared to push her, had the intention to hurt her. She opened her eyes, red eyes, and gave the man a stern, superior look. The glare the man had intensified. “Wench…” He mumbled, taking the scared girl.

“This isn’t your lucky day.” In one flash the man was on the floor, dead, bloodsucker over him, canines deep into his flesh. The younger girl screamed as loud as her lungs let her. The vampire raised her head and looked at the teenager, smirking. “You have five seconds to save yourself.” The girl’s eyes widened. Stella’s eyes widened a little and slightly smiled. “Run.” And that’s what she’s done.

The girl was already a few meters away but the feeling that she was watched just intensified.

“1…” The voice was coming from afar. “2…” The girl was running, not having a clue where.”3…” The voice was coming closer and closer. “4.* She whispered it right into her ear. *5…” She whispered moving her head into one side. “Time’s over.” The girl’s eyes widened even more and yelled while Stella stuck her teeth into her neck.

Meanwhile, Nate and Alex went back to the Arche mansion, tired and annoyed. Not a good combination.

“She was nowhere! Not even at your house.” Alex mumbled, jumping on the couch. Nate looked down at the younger vampire and scoffed.

“You alarmed my father for nothing.” Alex shrugged. “And scared the women.” Alex shrugged again and smiled innocently at the older vampire.

“Don’t say it like you didn’t enjoy it. I was so close to kill them. So close.” He said pointing out with his fingers. Nate rolled his eyes but couldn’t help but smile. The two got interrupted by the door opening. In entered Stella, her face cleaned up.

“Hey, Stel!” She stopped and slowly turned her head to her brother. She stood there thinking what she should do until she chose to go over them.

“Where have you been?” Alex asked getting up and to her. She looked at him, intently. Out of nowhere, Alex looked quite different in Stella’s view. He was hotter, changed, simply different. Nate watched Stella uncertain. Something was different about her too. He felt…weird. His eyes trailed over her figure until he met her eyes. His eyes widened. She was checking Alex out. Also, when he looked closer, she had blood on her lips. He glared daggers at her and pushed her hard into the wall. Alex looked surprised at his companion. “What the hell?!” He flashed in front of Stella and looked back at Nate.

“I never thought I’ll see the day you, out of everyone, will hurt me, Nate.” Stella’s words didn’t make the older brother flinch or be sorry. He flashed in front of Alex and pushed him aside, taking Stella by her neck.

“I’m not stupid, Stella. I know you better than anyone. Did you actually think I won’t see you’ve changed? Stella Monroe doesn’t exist anymore. The true Stella broke free. The Devil broke from its cage.” Alex’s eyes widened as much as they could. He looked at the older vampire female. She simply smirked and pushed her brother away, hard.

“You can’t even imagine how good it is to be back. Freedom has never tasted so good.” Nate glared at his sister but couldn’t get up. She hit him pretty hard. She glanced at Alex and smirked. “Aren’t you happy to see me, Alexander?” She flashed in front of him. She trailed her finger down his face and to his lips. “Aren’t you happy to see the girl you’ve fell in love with?” He looked down at her with a stoic face.

“The girl I’ve fell in love with…” He bent down, closer to her lips. “…died long time ago.” She glared at him and punched him hard, throwing him next to Nate.

“You all were so afraid I will come back to life. But you never realized you were keeping me in a cage. You wanted just what’s good for you.”She glared at nothing specifically.”Have you ever thought what’s good for me too? What do I want?” There was a pause. “No.” She flashed in front of them and bent down to their level. “Now it’s the time I make the rules. The first one is quite easy to understand.” She glared down at the two vampires, her eyes red and fangs out, that superior feeling flowing down over them. “Don’t mess with me.” She flashed out of there and God knows where she went.

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