duminică, 13 mai 2012

'What I Like About...' B.A.P

First of all, to me, they seem like Big Bang juniors. They give me that feeling of a bright future. Their songs are aggressive and their voices are so husky and deep. They scream badass with their absolute fibre.

Let's analyse this new boy band. their first single was Warrior. It came like a boom. There were six blonde Korean boys with the acronym of B.A.P, who many thought means Blonde Asian Boys (which doesn't have any sense for me) but in reality, it stands for Best Absolute Perfect (which doesn't have any sense whatsoever). Anyway, the song had power, the rap was intense and fast (very admirable Zelo) and their attitude was awesome. Who would've thought they are new? No one. That attitude is what a powerful band needs and they have it all.

Of course, I've been watching these guys just so I wouldn't have the surprise to see a change in their style (like B1A4 who were much better as being adorable than sexy) Now I do believe that won't happen to them. I do hope they will never change their style, even more, become better at this. The second single, Power, is exactly its title, powerful. This bad ass boys are quite interesting. Of course, they are still young. The oldest one of them is Yong Guk and he's just 22 years old. The members are all very talented. I was a little surprised when I read that Him Chan is a multi-instrumentalist. Zelo is just 15 years old and alright, I admit, he's quite an adorable fellow. They also make me feel quite old at 18 but meh...

Overall, B.A.P are what I call a 'hell yeah' band. I consider myself one of their fans...I think they're called Babies? Anyway, they got quick into my list of favourite bands. 

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