joi, 31 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." C.N Blue

Firstly, I heard about C.N Blue exactly in the year they had their début in. I knew YongHwa from You're Beautiful and I never imagined his real personality would be so parallel to the one he had in the drama. He's very talkative and easy going. He talks a lot, actually, and he seems to be quite fun to hang around. From what I have seen in We Got Married, next to Seohyun, he really looked like the bad guy. I remember he said it himself that he would be a bad influence on her. He wasn't, he just showed her normality, in my point of view. Also, he's such a talented young man. Not just acting but music too. He's a smart guy with some awesome guitar skills. His songs are amazing and very good written.

Besides YongHwa, for me, MinHyuk is the second as my favourite. He swept me off my feet in Heartstrings. He was adorable! And I'm not joking when I say I would have entered the TV screen and hug the hell out of him. His character was the peek of his cuteness. About his talents, I love his style of playing drums. He looks very happy while doing it and he's awesome.

Now, I can't really say one of them is not talented because it would be a big lie. They are all amazing musicians. JongHyun seems to be, though, the weird guy in the band but he's also the ulzzang. He has a pretty face, though in my view there are better looking guys than him, and he knows how to get attention on him without doing much. JungShin, even though he's the maknae, he looks to be the hyung in C.N Blue. Seriously, he looks serious and he's so tall and skinny. I love that they all have their own style at playing their instruments. The maknae moves a lot around and kind of mixes the american style with his personality, JongHyun has that S pose which always makes me chuckle, MinHyuk is simply adorable by just playing (because there's not much he can do with the drums in front of him) and YongHwa is the charismatic leader and vocalist.

I listened a few days ago YongHwa's song with Juniel (who's a cute artist I found first on Warner Bros Japan music company) and it's so obvious he wrote it. It sounds so much like C.N Blue. Their songs are always optimistic, compared to FT Island's who always get me on the verge of crying and have amazing sad songs, and I love it. These two bands complete each other's repertories. Anyway, their songs always make me feel better and relax. JongHyun and YongHwa's voices get me to chill after a harsh and hard day of school and give me a bubbly feeling. It's awesome.

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