joi, 17 mai 2012

Koizora (Sky of Love)

Even though it's an old drama, I found it recently and watched it. I have to stay I thought the whole plot sounds a little cliché and I could see myself not liking it, however, I did. It touched me to the point of crying my eyes out in front of the screen. I didn't know Seto Koji was in it until I looked closer at Hiro and found him very familiar. Anyway, the story is common but they way they make it happen is just beautiful. The actors made it all greater and the director had a strict idea in his or her head and transcended good the feelings.

The story, which I heard and read that it is true and real, is about this high school girl, Mika, who out of the blue is kissed by one of her classmates, Hiro. He stands out in the crowd because of his hair colour and piercing (which in real world is something quite common these days, where I live) and apparently, he's already dating someone. However, he breaks up with her and starts to date Mika. The two go through some awful times but their love comes through everything and they stick together, like a pure and decent couple. Unfortunately, the end is heartbreaking. I won't say how it ends because it would be a huge spoiler but I could feel my heart break and I cried lakes because of it. It's so sad but somehow, the drama (which has just 6 episodes) is so amazing. It makes you think and realise how meaningful someone's presence can become and how much of a difference it can make. The scenes and the comparison of life and nature is also real well done and it completes everything.

You should definitely give it a shot. 

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