luni, 7 mai 2012

Runway Beat

Because I'm such in a awesome mood I will continue with my 'Awesome List' :D. It's about Runway Beat. That's a movie but even though it's a little bit cliché, I love it. Firstly, there's Seto Koji. I like this guy and not just because we're born in the same day but because when I watch him I see bits of myself. Totally random, I know. Anyway, the movie is about this transfer student, Mizorogi Biito (Beat) who's a real talented designer. Because the school doesn't have any more funds, the kids decide to make a fashion show for their last school's annual festival. Beat's presence there changes everything and makes them all grow up, in a way. It does have its own complications but overall it's quite a nice movie. It's not about love necessarily, it's just about friendship. After it I watched Tumbling and that is a drama you HAVE to see. It's so cool in so many ways.

So, watch Runway Beat because it definitely worth it. ;)

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