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Top 5 Most Catchy K-pop Songs 2012 (Girls Ver.)

I usually don't listen many songs sang by girls because they seem too innocent for my depraved mind. However, I do have some songs that seem to tag along wherever I go. They are bands everyone knows and everyone admire. No negative thoughts here but lately, I've been annoyed with the female part of the industry when it comes to bands. I'm waiting for those badass, awesome girls band that can dethrone 2NE1. Those rookies that have attitude and doesn't have to sing perfectly but have a different style.

Until then, though, I'll just stick with what I have.

5. Girl's Generation- TTS- Twinkle

It didn't seem as an awesome song at first but the video is well made, if we talk about image. There's no story to it (I don't see fame as being a subject) but the dance compensates. I listened to it a few times until I started to actually keep it in my head. After a week or so I was thinking just about it for some reason so yes, it is a catchy song. Also, I like Seohyun. She seems really to be getting more mature and that's good.

4. Sistar- Alone

My father is a huge Sistar fan so I practically listen to their songs every day. It becomes annoying after a while but this song captivated me. It sounds really cool. Also, I like Hyorin. She seems to be a complete artist and her voice is amazing. This songs has been strongly growing on me with its '90's feeling.

3. 4Minute- Volume Up

I'm a fan of theirs and they are one of my favourites. Maybe it's my mentality over the perfect girls band but they sell sex and that's what it matters in the industry. I like them for a completely different reason, though. They express something while singing and they actually show a little bit of attitude. Volume Up, didn't like it at first. However, I started to want to listen it more and more and I found myself adding the song on my playlist.

2. 2NE1- Scream

This song is wicked! It scares the hell out of me how good but creepy it is. Of course, I'm a 2NE1 fan and I would listen to anything they sing but I will never appreciate a song that doesn't seem to be good enough. This one is good and their voices go well together on it. Bom's incredible like always and CL looks good with the hair shorter. Minzy seems really intimidating but it goes well with the concept and Dara is Dara. Like always, looks and acts much younger than she is but she's really pretty. 

1. Wonder Girls- Be My Baby

Even though a lot of people might think I would have placed 2NE1 as being first (because I would have), Wonder Girls have the most catchy song until now. I'm not  afan of Wonder Girls in the first place but it's just so good. The video gives me the Beyonce feeling but they also make it their own and it's unique. It seems JYP really got on work with his bands because they started with great songs and I hope they will keep it like that.

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